Segment wise forms

  • Birth and Death Registration

    The issue of Birth Certificate is in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child ( that states that every birth has to be registered immediately . And in many societies, a birth certificate is the basic legal document that gives identity, bestows a number of rights such as the right to citizenship, healthcare,education, passport, suffrage, property ownership, employment and access to banking services .

    While, for the family of deceased, a Death Certificate ensures their right to inherit property, access to financial and business entitlements, and claim to any available insurance settlements. Stillbirths also have to be registered. This is applicable for fetal deaths within 28 weeks of pregnancy or more.

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  • Registration of Marriages

    The registration of marriage is of utmost importance. It is not only a proof of the bond between you and your spouse, but also is a requirement while applying for your passport, insurance policies, bank accounts, property proceedings, court-related issues and for work permits.


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  • Passport-related forms

    The Indian Passport is issued by the Government of India to its citizens for travelling overseas.To download various forms related to passport acquisition:


  • Other

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